Leading Studio / Mobile / Casual Games


As a member of the technical and VFX art teams, your job will involve creating all kinds of special effects, striving to achieve the highest possible quality of art within our games. You will work closely with the teams during game development and contribute to the company’s R&D. At the same time, you will work in synchronicity with the art leads to ensure all special effects in each project are top-notch and spectacular.

In addition, your job will consist of:

- Working in collaboration with other members of the VFX Department and Technical art, managing both artistic and technical production for the VFX.
- Following and reinforcing the VFX pipeline with your inputs in order to enable the team to work seamlessly across different projects.
- Evaluating and updating the tasks roadmap regarding priorities and deliverables, ensuring a smooth workflow, anticipating bottlenecks, and finding solutions within projects.
- Collaborating with artists, designers, and other team members from several projects in all aspects of VFX, aligning the process with everyone involved.
- Researching and suggesting technical improvements and effects optimization.
- Using shaders and scripts matching the needs of the required assets.
- Maintaining the project’s consistency of style by working hand in hand with the lead artist and the art director.

This is you:

- High proficiency in real-time special effects creation inside Unity (using shuriken or any equivalent tools).
- Proven experience in the game development industry as a VFX artist in a senior position.
- In-depth knowledge of 3D modeling and  2D illustration software (3DS Max, Maya, and Photoshop or similar).
- Experience working with mobile environments and optimization processes.
- Creativity and passion for games.
- Positive and proactive attitude.
- Good communication and organizational skills.
- English proficiency.


- Knowledge in rendered particles (e.g., FumeFX or Realflow).
- Shader creation, by code or software-assisted (Amplify, Shader Graph, Shader Lab…)
- After Effects, Houdini or Spine 2D knowledge will be valued.
- C# scripting know-how.
- GLSL, CG, or HLSL knowledge.